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Bespoke Software Development:

Want to get your database out to a wider audience? Today, most businesses make use of off-the-shelf software packages for the vast majority of their IT requirements, and in most cases this is sufficient for their needs.

However, if your requirements are unusual, or you have an existing software system in place, trying to integrate your business with a standard package can often lead to user frustration, time and money lost in manual procedures, and a decrease in productivity.

How can Nlightened help?

At Nlightened, we take an open-minded approach to bespoke software development. By carefully listening to your requirements and through gaining an understanding of your business, we can assist you in creating a custom specification that will exactly meet your needs, increase your productivity and help to reduce costs.

We will take you through the full project life cycle, including requirements gathering, system design, coding, testing, evaluation of performance against requirements, installation, maintenance and enhancements.

A core, underlying principle behind our software development service is a focus on software usability. This means making it easy for the users of the system to perform the tasks required of them in a productive manner.

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